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About Us

We at Bernstein Painting pride ourselves on providing the finest house painting experience possible to all of our customers across the United States. Period. Whether you’re in need of some brightening up in your den and are looking for interior painting tips and suggestions in California or a full-scale exterior painting job for a whole building in Maine, we can match you up with teams of exceptionally professional painting contractors in your area who specialize in nearly every kind of house painting on the market today and are eager to bring your home design plans to light. Just take a look at some of our wide variety of painting options available to decide if Bernstein Painting is the right house painting service for you.

Exterior House Painting

A full exterior house painting assignment is one of the most visible ways to perform a renovation on your home that will last for years to come. However, the complex, time-consuming nature of the work often makes homeowners put it off as long as they can, leading to increased wear and tear on your home’s exterior from moisture build-up, cracks and crevices, and even sun damage. Luckily, expert painting contractor teams like those at Bernstein Painting are heavily experienced in the entire exterior house paint process from guiding exterior house painting ideas to providing thorough power washing and exterior painting preparation all the way to second coats, trim painting, and clean up. Their years of experience working in climates and neighborhoods all across the U.S. have helped them develop a process of completing house painting projects which guarantees quality and durability in every exterior house painting assignment. All our specialized teams of home exterior painting contractors are fully trained, licensed, and insured and are ready to offer an enormous selection of options and customizations for your exterior painting with costs that can fit nearly any budget and scale of work. Instead of spending days cleaning, scraping, sanding, caulking, priming, painting, trimming, and repainting your house only to risk injury, and lower quality work turn to your local Bernstein Painting contractors and have your home reinvigorated by residential painting contractors who have the experience, equipment, and reliability you should demand for your home.

Interior House Painting

As with exterior painting, an interior house painting can be one of the best ways to modify your home without doing too much work or spending too much money. That’s why a growing number of homeowners are trying their hand at interior painting every year. But, if you’re unsure where to begin with your home’s new look or if you simply want to make sure you get the best quality work possible Bernstein Painting is available in your area to perform all your interior house painting projects.

One of the major obstacles that homeowners face when planning a house painting is trouble narrowing down their interior painting ideas prior to starting the actual project. There are an enormous number of design choices and styles that can make you feel overwhelmed at this stage in house painting and the advice of professional home paint contractors can be tremendously helpful to make sure every one of your rooms receives the interior painting treatment you intend. Our specialized interior painting contractors have demonstrated years of top quality work on different kinds of homes, surfaces, and budgets and have learned the best interior painting techniques on the market today to make sure that every Bernstein Painting client is left completely satisfied by the work they perform. This includes an in-depth preparation period to guarantee that your furniture, carpets, and other belongings stay clean and to ensure that your interior house paint job will last for years to come without bubbling or peeling, an attentive consultation with you about your ideal color scheme, and a complete, efficient painting job with all the care needed to make the project last.