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With the proper care and maintenance, decks can last a long time. It is, however, important to apply sealants and barriers to protect the deck surface from moisture and other weather hazards. Without the correct sealants decks will begin to lose their color as they get degraded by dirt, grime, mold, and moss.

Our painters in our network have years of experience and training with deck sealing and working to preserve the integrity of decks and porches. They will help you protect your deck and maintain it.


Even brand new fence can turn grey in under a year without proper staining and painting. Our painters will help you protect your fence against rot and decay, while simultaneously bringing our the beauty of the wood grain. You will save money in the long run and protect your valuable investment.

We make sure not to apply too many coats. With many products, too many coatings can results in a sticky or waxy surface, which can impede drying. We will make sure you get the right application on your fence.

Our team members deliver professional results, turning your aging fence and making it look brand new and making it last for many years to come.


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