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Commercial Painting

Our team delivers a full range commercial painting services. Ranging from a single room to complete building, from ordinary projects to the complex. All services are tended to with the highest skill level, attention to detail, and quality. The appearance of your commerical location is not only important to you, but can also play a huge role with guests or customers. Our painters are experienced professional and know how assure that you are pleased with the results. 

The right process for commercial painting projects:

Project Scope: Commercial projects are complex, therefore understand the project and planning are extremely important. 

Paint Preparation: To assure that the paint project is long lasting, preparation is essential. Prior to painting, our painters will do a walk-through of the entire project to confirm that all surfaces that will be painted are ready. Depending on the size of the project, on the first day our painters will prepare and prime all of the surfaces. 

Paint: We offer several different coat options in either spray and back roll paint application, or brush and roll.

Final Inspection of Paint: At the completion of the project, our painters will perform a walk-around to quality check the service performed.


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