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Bernstein Painting is a painting company in Libertyville Illinois, Lake county that's proud to offer you high quality painting work for both residential and professional clients. We're able to offer certified Libertyville painting services for virtually any kind of painting process, and this includes brand new apartment construction and non-commercial repainting services for retro structures. Bernstein Painting supplies quick and affable services which our visitors can count on. Maintaining the place, the main life financial investment in great shape calls for habitual maintenance, and it extends to painting. Let our trained team look after this concern for you. Here are some of the answers to the questions that our Libertyville painting customers have been asking us.

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Services We Offer

  • Interior Painting

    Interior house painting is a cost effective way to transform any room in your home. The appearance of your home is important not only for yourself, but for your guests and friends.

  • Exterior Painting

    Exterior home painting is an aesthetic decision as well as a practical one. Many homeowners will delay painting their house without realizing the harm they are causing to the integrity of their home.

  • Power Washing

    You should pressure wash your house regularly to keep mold, mildew, and debris from taking their toll on your paint job. Not only will it improve the overall appearance of your home, but will give your great curb appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. To paint my Libertyville IL property, how much is it going to cost me?

A. Of course there isn't any basic cost as several components are in play. The main ones are home dimensions, paint layers expected, time used to complete and number of Libertyville painters on the task.

Q. Exactly how much paint will my Libertyville IL house need?

A. The total amount of paint necessary to paint your home relies on how large is your property. We'll come and take right lengths 1st, ahead of when we will determine what amount of paint should be applied for every job. The specific amount requisite is a huge consideration in concluding what amount of money we bill for the project.

Q. What about colors?

A. Our Libertyville painting pros are ready to provide you with support in regards to selecting the right colors for your project, and we understand that in some cases folks have a problem choosing something that's tasteful. For making things very easy Bernstein Painting can provide a useful tint wheel. Other factors will need to be taken into account also, such as, the shade of already present fabrics in your house. In these cases it helps to seek out the recommendations of an experienced Libertyville, Lake county interior decorator.

Q. When is the very best time to paint my Libertyville IL house?

A. Typically, less severe weather seasons are the optimal period of time to paint a residence's outside walls. You can apply surface paint anytime of the year. We're busiest all through the early spring, summer time and autumn. If you are planning on painting your house in the near future, make sure you make an appointment early so we can accommodate you. For additional information contact us at 888-655-8588 right now.

Q. What paint should I purchase?

A. You can find a great deal of paints around, and their application depends upon whether your job is an inner surface, or an exterior. Our Mundelein painters could supply advice on the best paint to use, for example, glossy for the cooking area, or quasi-gloss for entrance doors.

Q. What kind of paint tones should I utilize?

A. Paint will not last for a lifetime. However, it can last for many years in a container if it is maintained properly. If there is unused paint and you are uncertain if it is still fine to use for touch ups down the road, please bring the paint can to us to ensure that we can easily check if it is still suitable. At the minimum, we'll put the paint can on our shaker to verify the old paint is blended completely for you again.

Q. What would you employ to safeguard my floor coverings?

A. Rugs is protected by newspapers. Some painters choose fiber drop cloths. Rest utilize silicone covers that are use-and-throw. Good care is constantly taken to safeguard new carpets, surfaces and fixtures making sure that paint does not get splashed or poured on anything through the painting treatment.

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